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SANCO Safety glass

SANCO Safe – effective protection from break-ins and injury risks at home and in the workplace. SANCO Safe safety glass not only provides protection against break-ins, but also meets all building law requirements placed on overhead glazing and fall-protection glazing in homes, conservatories and public buildings.

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SANCO Safe structures according to DIN 18008

Glass typeThicknessCategoryMaximum dimensions


VSG 33.2 - 12 - VSG 33.125  X 50020005001200
VSG 44.2 - 12 - VSG 33.127X  X90036005004300
VSG 44.2 - 12 - VSG 33.127X  X50043009003600
VSG 44.2 - 12 - VSG 33.127X  X300430015003600
VSG 44.2 - 12 - VSG 33.127X  X300360015004300
VSG 44.2 - 12 - VSG 33.127X  X150043003003600
VSG 44.2 - 12 - VSG 33.127X  X150036003003600
VSG 44.2 - 12 - VSG 33.127  X 50043005001200
VSG 44.2 - 12 - VSG 33.127  X 30043009001200
VSG 44.2 - 12 - VSG 44.129X  X50030009005000
VSG 44.2 - 12 - VSG 44.129X  X90050005003000
VSG 44.2 - 12 - VSG 44.129X  X300300015005000
VSG 44.2 - 12 - VSG 44.129X  X150050003003000
VSG 55.2 - 12 - VSG 44.131X  X50035009005000
VSG 55.2 - 12 - VSG 44.131X  X90050005003500
VSG 55.2 - 12 - VSG 44.131X  X300350015005000
VSG 55.2 - 12 - VSG 44.131X  X150050003003500
VSG 66.2 - 12 - VSG 66.137X  X300360015006000
VSG 66.2 - 12 - VSG 66.137X  X150060003003600
VSG 44.2 - 12 - 6 ESG-HST27X  X30030005004000
VSG 44.2 - 12 - 6 ESG-HST27X  X50040003003000
VSG 55.2 - 12 - 8 ESG-HST31X  X30030005005000
VSG 55.2 - 12 - 8 ESG-HST31X  X50050003003000
6 ESG - 12 - VSG 44.227X  X30030005004000
6 ESG - 12 - VSG 44.227X  X50040003003000
8 ESG - 12 - VSG 55.231X  X30030005005000
9 ESG - 12 - VSG 55.231X  X50050003003000
VSG 66.2 - 12 - 10 ESG-HST35X  X30025005003000
VSG 66.2 - 12 - 10 ESG-HST35X  X50030003002500
VSG 88.2 - 12 - 10 ESG-HST39X  X46030003004500

The stated glass and foil thicknesses may be exceeded. Note: Wind and beam loads still have to be considered.
For dimensional tolerances and production possibilities see SANCO Tolerance Manual and in consultation with the respective manufacturer.
Attention! By changing the glass thicknesses and interpane spaces, the technical values change.
Excerpt from the total production range, further models on request.

The technical data listed here conforms to the current values at the time of going to print and can alter without prior notice. The technical values are based on the suppliers’ information or were ascertained in the course of tests by an independent testing institution in accordance with the respectively valid standards. The function values are based only on test specimens in the dimensions provided for testing. No further guarantee for technical values shall be accepted, in particular if tests are performed in other installation situations or if subsequent measurements are obtained in the building. During installation, the current version of the SANCO glazing guidelines must be followed without fail. Date: 05/2019

Laminated safety glass SANCO Safe (VSG)


Laminated safety glass is made up of two or more panes of glass bonded together with highly tear-resistant and tough-elastic intermediate layers. The interlayer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) films may be clear, translucent, coloured or, if desired, UV-protective.


In contrast to toughened safety glass (ESG), VSG does not break down into small fragments when damaged, but generally retains the intended protective effect. In the event of mechanical overload due to shock and impact, the glass breaks, but the fragments adhere to the undamaged PVB layer. This reduces the risk of injury and the glazed opening remains closed. Depending on the nature of the attack, only spider-web breakage results, so that transparency is largely retained.

By combining glass types of different thicknesses and film layers, VSG offers the following safety features:

  • Resistant to falls and falling through
  • Thrown-object-resistant, penetration-resistant (burglar-resistant and escape-resistant)
  • Bullet resistant
  • Walk-on glass



The structure of the elements and the thickness depends on the safety requirements that are placed on the glazing. Thrown-object-resistant and penetration-resistant glass can be adapted to the appropriate security requirements with the number of glass layers and the thickness of the intermediate PVB layers. The more glass layers and the thicker the PVB interlayers, the higher the penetration resistance. The bullet resistance increases with the number of glass layers of different thicknesses.


After cleaning of the glass surfaces, the glass sheets and PVB films are stacked, heated and pressed together by rollers as a pre-laminated unit. The elements then enter the autoclave, where they are permanently bonded under pressure and heat. After the lamination process, edge processing can take place.

Light transmission

When using clear films and clear glass, light transmission is unaffected and has approximately the same values as a single glass pane of the same thickness. When using thick film packages, a slight yellow-green hue may be visible. As the thickness of the laminated safety glass rises, the intrinsic colour in the form of a green / yellow tint increases due to the material. By using low-ferrous-oxide glass, this self-colouration is largely avoided.

Material resistance

VSG SANCO Safe is resistant to light and ageing, and basically has the same properties as normal float glass. The edges of laminated safety glass panes should be protected against acids and alkalines so that the film is not affected.

Application of laminated safety glass SANCO Safe

  • Schools and kindergartens 
    Room-separating glazings and fall protections to prevent injuries from broken glass.
  • Overhead- and roof glazing 
    Overhead glazing in private and public areas. In case of damage, for example caused by falling objects, the protective effect is retained thanks to the splinter-binding property.
  • Residential building 
    As a simple burglary protection for windows, in combination with insulating glass, doors, banisters, partitions, balcony glazing.
  • Office buildings and public area 
    As thrown-object-resistant and burglar-resistant glazing in windows, doors and shop windows, e.g. for banks, computer systems, pharmacies and surgeries. As break-out-resistant and penetration-resistant glazing in penal and mental institutions. Bullet-resistant SANCO Safe for cash desks and counter systems at banks, post offices and similar applications. As glazing for animal cages or zoo aquariums. As parapet elements for all-glass facades, e.g. structural glazing.


Other applications

Showcases, industrial and military areas, as explosion-proof glazing, for vehicles, aircraft and ships, etc.


VSG has the same thermal shock resistance and approximately the same bending tension as normal float glass. To increase these values, ESG SANCO DUR can be combined into laminated safety glass. VSG processed into insulating glass not only brings the desired level of safety, but usually better sound insulation too. VSG SANCO Safe can be provided with a thermal insulation coating and made into insulating glass.

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