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SANCO CONTROL always offers as much transparency as necessary and as much seclusion as possible, in order to adapt the light and visual conditions to your personal preferences.

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SANCO CONTROL – Shading and privacy in the insulating glass

People need different degrees of brightness for their wellbeing. These can be achieved with SANCO CONTROL, tailored to individual needs. In the summer, SANCO CONTROL provides a better internal climate by heat shielding. In winter, the thermal insulation of the larger cavity keeps the heat inside.


SANCO CONTROL always offers as much transparency as necessary and as much seclusion as possible, in order to adapt the light and visual conditions to your personal preferences.



Caring for the glass is enough 

Glare protection and privacy always at the "clean" level. SANCO CONTROL is housed in the cavity of the insulating glass. Dust and dirt particles can't tarnish the attractive impression of the blinds.

  • No maintenance
  • Operation with endless cord or motor inside
  • Cavity between the panes 20, 22, 27 and 32 mm
  • Lifting, lowering and turning of slats
  • Great colour selection

SANCO CONTROL applications

SANCO CONTROL cuts a good figure everywhere 

Shading, privacy screen, glare protection - can also be retrofitted during renovationr

  • Conservatory
  • Showers
  • Roof and flower windows
  • Lifting, lowering and turning of slats
  • Living rooms, e.g. glare-free television viewing
  • Meeting rooms
  • Therapy rooms
  • Schools / surgeries
  • Sanitary facilities
  • Listed buildings
  • Room dividers / partitions
  • Privacy
  • Computer workplaces

SANCO CONTROL offers more than light and shade 

Increased thermal insulation - lower energy costs 
Low energy costs and minimal heat losses are the result: SANCO CONTROL is an intelligent and infinitely adjustable privacy protection system with energy saving effect. 

Targeted sound insulation - healthy rest
Our new world is making soundproofing ever more challenging. Glass solutions are required here that adjust individually to the respective noise source. 

Improved building protection - more security 
Glass opens up spaces that require targeted protection and discretion. Only the interplay of intimacy and openness in connection with security aspects make glass-heavy ideas into a perfect unit.



Light in motion


The slat blind
To optimally determine the lighting conditions in the room, SANCO CONTROL relies on the systematic control of incident sunlight. Thanks to stepless regulation of the angle of inclination of the slats, the light is transported to the ceiling and distributed indirectly throughout the room. A soft and even illumination of the rooms is created. Obtrusive reflections on screens are significantly reduced.


Available slat colours and dimensions
Colours liven up spaces, set accents and create harmonious moods that are fluently integrated into the appropriate interior concept.


The Venetian blind
As an alternative to the classic aluminum slat, there is a fabric folding blind made of Verosol fabric. The thin aluminum coating of the Verosol fabric gives the blinds their outstanding properties for the regulation of lighting conditions. The outside is always silver metallic.


Colours and dimensions for fabric Venetian blinds


Double Venetian blind "duette"
For extreme darkening with the so-called black-out effect, the "duette" double Venetian blind is used. This makes it easy to switch off obtrusive light.


The roller blind
The special Verosol fabrics are available in the density versions transparent, semi-transparent and opaque. They are ideal for hotel rooms, demonstration rooms, clinics, laboratories, i.e. wherever hygiene and absence of maintenance in black-out situations are required.


The colour selection of the SANCO CONTROL interior colours




SANCO CONTROL Operation variants


Cord-pull system
The system uses the power transmission of two magnetic couplings. Magnets in the cavity between the panes and on the outside of the insulating glass give the impulse for the movements. Operation is via the outer endless cord.


Motor system
The electric lifting/lowering system allows simultaneous and synchronized operation of multiple blinds. The electronics allow a variety of control options with convincing comfort and speed.


Sliding magnet system
A manual magnet control, which is operated by means of a removable magnetic slider on the outside of the glass, is used as the movement module of the blind. The Venetian blind or roller blind can be moved in any direction. That makes it ideally suited for sloping glazing and roof glazing.





The patent solution

Perfect, easy, safe
Whether manual or motorized operation, the patented SANCO CONTROL system ensures lasting functionality


No fewer than 6 patents are in the system:

  • Lateral magnet operation
  • Frontal magnet operation
  • Contact plug
  • 3D operation (sloping and roof glazing)
  • Roller blind in insulating glass
  • Anti-dust-special coating


SANCO CONTROL is not exposed to wind and weather, but accommodated safely and protected against dirt in the cavity of the insulating glass.


Lighting technology

SANCO CONTROL allows individual light in every position of the sun.

Closed slats: high reflection


Lots of natural light in the interior


Sun protection


Slat angle


Unobstructed view



SANCO CONTROL System table

You have the choice



Frequently asked questions about SANCO CONTROL


Can the system react flexibly to different light and sunshine situations?

  • Individually adjustable sun, glare and privacy protection
  • Dual-speed control enables fast raising and lowering as well as slow, precise turning
  • Also improves specific properties of the insulating glass
  • All-rounder thanks to combination with thermal insulation, sound insulation and safety
  • Small slat cutouts ensure glare is minimized
  • Control by internal motor or magnet system


Is the system protected, perfected and easy to clean?

  • Tested safety of the perfectly matched elements stands for reliable function and long service life
  • Weather influences, especially wind, cannot harm the system
  • Hermetically sealed insulating glass protects permanently against dirt and dust
  • Slats and other components are tested for antifogging
  • Easy to clean, maintenance-free and UV-resistant


How wide is the colour selection and design latitude of the blinds?

  • Choices according to your own design preferences and material/functional requirements
  • Slat solution in 9 colour variations, pleated fabric as transparent, semi-transparent or opaque version in 8 interior colours, roller blinds in 19 interior colours
  • The following bus systems (home automation systems) are possible: EIB, LON, Somfy IB
  • Automatic light control by individual, central or group control


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