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The convenient and multifunctional complete solution for glass partition systems with easy assembly

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The all-in-one glass partition wall system

Glass has become an indispensable part of modern architecture. The design and application possibilities for light-flooded, transparent rooms in trendy industrial design leave nothing to be desired. Combined with the requirements for integrated glass system solutions with integrated functionalities that can be used as flexibly as possible, which meet the highest safety standards and can be adapted to any room situation.

SANCO DIVIDE EASY combines these features in a prefabricated glass partition system with integrated door frame. The glass elements can be installed quickly and easily without drilling or gluing. At the same time, it can be used more flexibly than almost any other: In addition to room situations with door leaf heights of up to 3100 millimeters, it is also compatible with DIN standardized lock inserts from all well-known manufacturers of locking systems thanks to concealed cable routing. In the test procedure, SANCO DIVIDE EASY also impressed with top marks in terms of security and sound insulation.


For every room situation

Confidential meetings, undisturbed thinking or inconspicuous sound insulation, whether in a new building or in an existing historical building - there are no limits to the design of room-in-room situations with SANCO DIVIDE EASY.


Maximum precision and safety

The filigree profiles of SANCO DIVIDE EASY present themselves in a perfectly symmetrical design and leave nothing to be desired in terms of both appearance and safety. There are no door hinges, the doors are invisibly installed in the frame. This means that there is no closing edge and therefore no risk of accidents due to jamming.

Simplest assembly and unique technology


SANCO DIVIDE EASY can be installed or moved quickly and conveniently thanks to the patented frame system.

Without drilling or gluing, the glass elements can be inserted directly on site into the assembled system profiles by practically any skilled craftsman. neither adhesive tape nor silicone is required between the glass and the frame. The innovative system allows a building tolerance compensation of +/- 10 mm or, with additional profiles, a deflection of about 30 mm at the ceiling connection. The maximum door leaf height is 3100 mm.



Anyone who also wants to integrate SANCO DIVIDE EASY into a smart building management system can use the concealed cable routing and the integrated lock body in the door leaf. These are compatible with all common mechanical or mechatronic locking inserts (magnetic latch, access systems, panic locks) according to DIN.


Maximum design flexibility


Optimal lighting conditions

Glass offers a variety from transparent to opaque, from glossy to satin, from colorless to colorful and from puristic to eye-catching. Design glass as well as surface treatments, such as or lasering and inlays of fabrics or metal grids in the glass give additional design freedom.

This means that all partition walls can be provided with a discreet privacy screen or stylishly designed and the very personal feel-good ambience can be realized. Also with switchable laminated safety glass, transparent or translucent at the touch of a button.


Delivery program

Frame and side panel

Base profile
Clamp holder
Cover profile

ESG 10 mmPivot leaf up to 1000 x 2400 mmfixed part up to  2500 mm height
ESG 12 mmPivot leaf up to 1200 x 2800 mmfixed part up to 3000 mm height
ESG 12,76 mmPivot leaf up to 1000 x 2400 mmfixed part up to 2500 mm height
ESG 16,76 mmPivot leaf up to 1200 x 3100 mmfixed part up to 2500 mm height
ESG 17,52 mm Pivot leaf up to 1200 x 3100 mmfixed part up to 2500 mm height
Sliding doorESG 10 mmSliding door until 1200 x 2400 mmfixed part up to 2500 mm height
ESG 12 mmSliding door until 1400 x 2700 mmfixed part up to 3000 mm height
ESG 12,76 mmSliding door until 1200 x 2700 mmfixed part up to 2500 mm height
ColorsAluminum coated RAL 7021 fine structure matt
 Aluminum coated RAL 9005 fine structure matt
 Special colors on request
ComponentsLock caseStandard lock insert according to DIN (magnetic latch, lock monitoring, access systems, panic locks, handle-controlled locks)
Overhead door closer    Tape opposite side 
Sliding door handle bar or handle shell

Strong arguments for SANCO DIVIDE EASY





Design tailor-made
Design features that meet the highest aesthetic requirements.

  • Frame can be flush or with shadow groove
  • No protruding lock case
  • No visible seals


Variable optical glass design

  • Surface treatments, such as lasering
  • Digital printing SANCO LAMEX COLORPRINT for individual motifs
  • VSG with various inlays such as fabrics or metal grids
  • White glass


Dimensions with individual possibilities
The system is variable in width by lining up the profiles.

  • Glass production on individual customer request
  • Glass thickness from 10 - 19 mm
  • Maximum height of door leaf: 3100 mm
  • Maximum room height: 3200 mm
  • Oversizes on request


Planning made easy

  • Planning documents are provided by SANCO
  • Planning reliability, as the system solution meets all required standards and guidelines


Simple ordering and delivery process

  • The complete system solution with coordinated system components is ordered
  • Standard components are available from stock
  • Transparent cost structure, as all required components are integrated


Simple assembly
The prefabricated system can be installed by practically any skilled craftsman.

  • Construction tolerances of +/- 10 mm or, with additional profiles, a deflection of about 30 mm at the ceiling connection can be compensated.
  • The glass is inserted without drilling or gluing. No sealing work is necessary.
  • No machining is required on the construction site
  • The lock bodies are compatible with all standard DIN lock inserts
  • The concealed cable routing also allows subsequent integration of electronic building management systems such as magnetic latches, lock monitoring, access systems and panic locks.


Good to know

  • High flexibility - due to the patented frame system for fixing the glass elements, neither adhesive tape nor silicone is necessary
  • Disassembly, replacement or relocation of the glass elements is possible without any problems


SANCO – Your supplier partner

When you work with SANCO, you get more than just a solution - we offer our customers a total package for every order.

Talk to us. Our specialists will support you with their knowledge and experience. Your SANCO DIVIDE EASY partner

SANCO DIVIDE EASY is manufactured in Germany. Based on a signed installation protocol, we provide a system guarantee.

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