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360° Glazing

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The optimal glass on every façade side

360 Grad Glazing vereint Energieeffizienz und Ästhetik


Large-scale building glazing has become an indispensable part of contemporary architecture. It provides the best views, brings plenty of natural light into interiors, and thus reduces the cost of artificial lighting. For a long time now, it has been possible to design glass surfaces without compromising on energy efficiency - as long as the right solutions are used in the right places in the building. This is because the potential offered by coated glass is often wasted by standardized glazing. What is needed, therefore, is a concept in the sense of 360 degree glazing that takes into account all energy-related and, not least, design aspects.

In comprehensive planning with glass, the size of the glass surfaces, the location of a building as well as its orientation and use are just some of the factors that need to be taken into account. With the targeted selection of insulating glass, it is possible to respond to the individual requirements of the respective façade area and significantly optimize energy efficiency. The SANCO Group offers a wide range of coated glass for this purpose, enabling a suitable solution for every climate zone, every location and every installation situation. Three parameters are particularly important: the total energy transmittance (g-value), the light transmittance (LT) and the heat transfer coefficient, the so-called U-value.


Select coating according to compass direction

An important factor for the targeted use of insulating glass coatings is the orientation of the building. In temperate climates, high irradiance levels are reached on east and west-facing facades in the morning and afternoon, respectively, especially during the summer months. Therefore, a balance of solar control, thermal insulation and light transmission must be considered when choosing a coating. A glass coating such as SANCO Sun COMBI 74/42 optimally combines these three properties. It ensures good lighting of the interior, pleasant temperatures in summer and winter, and thus the saving of valuable energy.

The planning of south-facing facades is more complex. Here, intense solar radiation in the summer months can cause significantly higher thermal loads for the interior spaces. At the same time, in order to minimize heating costs in winter, passive solar energy gains are more desirable in the cooler months. To meet these conflicting requirements, it is advisable to use a combination glass such as the highly selective SANCO Sun COMBI 70/35. With a g-value of a low 35 percent, it offers very good solar control, while the light transmission is a high 70 percent, thus ensuring the desired solar gain in the cold season.

The requirements for north-facing facades are completely different: Here, solar radiation is only indirect, which is why summer heat protection can be neglected on this side of the facade. Thermal insulation properties and light transmission are therefore paramount in the choice of glazing. With a Ug value of up to 0.5 W/m2K and a very high light transmission of at least 74 percent, technically mature glazing such as SANCO Plus EN2 is convincing here.


Taking design requirements into account when selecting glass
As complex as planning in the sense of 360-degree glazing may be, when planners and glass experts work together, individual solutions can be found that also take into account the external appearance of the façade. At present, color-neutral glass with a high color rendering index, which is between 95 and 98 for the coatings mentioned, is in particular demand. In this way, the modernity, openness and transparency of generously glazed buildings can be emphasized without being influenced by color-dominating glass.

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Images: Screenshot Video 360° Glazing © iStock/Franck Boston

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