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SANCO is part of the DESIGNwerkschau in Munich and thus permanently present with changing products.

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DESIGNwerkschau in Munich

The DESIGNwerkschau of Glas Trösch Euroholding AG & Co. KG aA offers an ideal opportunity for inspiration, information and exchange. In the historic building of the former Fruchthof in Munich – Sendling to be precise – major international brands are now presenting innovative materials and fascinating products.

Architects, interior designers, designers and professional builders are invited to discover the variety of collections on display and receive individual solutions through competent advice.

The showroom DESIGNwerkschau offers many opportunities to present themselves. The partner companies have a permanent presence in Munich with their products, can arrange and sample architect appointments, provide advice to professional builders or builders in general, hold dealer training sessions or host the well-attended events.

DESIGNwerkschau, Gotzinger Str. 52B, 81371 Munich,

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 09.00 - 17.00 hrs.





Glass for facades, windows, interior design and structural applications.

The product range includes insulating glass for low-energy construction, thermal and sound insulation, solar control and security. In addition to the best possible thermal insulation, SANCO's main focus is on the ability to combine a wide variety of functional features. Energy efficiency, sun protection, sound insulation, security and excellent appearance combine to form an active functional unit.

You will find the following products in our showroom:

  • SANCO Plus EN2 – the feel-good glass
  • SANCO Plus ZERO NG – for high energy efficiency
  • SANCO Sun – the invisible solar control system
  • SANCO Sun COMBI coatings 
  • SANCO CONTROL –  privacy and solar control in the interpane cavity
  • SANCO Phon – so that you don't have to feel noise
  • SANCO DECO BRUSH – glass printed with intensive organic colors 
  • SANCO POWERGLAS – invisible glass and window heaters
  • SANCO THERMUR HM – the top class in climate protection insulating glass


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