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SANCO sound insulation glass

Noise is a problem of our age that can't be ignored. Mental and physical disorders can often be the result of an unacceptable noise level. This problem can be effectively countered by use of SANCO Phon sound insulation glass. 

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SANCO Phon Double insulation glass

Glass typeGlass structureUg-value to DIN EN 673Element thicknessSound insulation value
 mmW/m²Kmm (ca.)Rw,P in dB
SANCO Phon 36/246 - 14AR - 41,12436
SANCO Phon 38/308 - 16AR - 61,13038
SANCO Phon 42/31VSG 44.1 Phon - 16AR - 61,13142
SANCO Phon 43/34VSG 55.1 Phon - 16AR - 81,13443
SANCO Phon 45/35VSG 44.2 Phon - 16AR - 101,13544
SANCO Phon 51/46VSG 88.2 Phon - 16AR - VSG 66.2 Phon1,14651

SANCO Phon Triple insulation glass

Glass typeGlass structureUg-value to DIN EN 673Element thicknessSound insulation value
 mmW/m²Kmm (ca.)Rw,P in dB
SANCO Phon 39/428 - 12AR - 4 - 12AR - 60,74239
SANCO Phon 40/4410 - 12AR - 4 - 12AR - 60,74440
SANCO Phon 43/47VSG 44.2 Phon - 14AR - 4 - 14AR - 60,64743
SANCO Phon 45/538 - 16AR - 4 - 16AR - VSG 44.1 Phon0,65345
SANCO Phon 47/50VSG 44.2 Phon - 12AR - 6 - 12AR - VSG 55.2 Phon0,75047
SANCO Phon 51/55VSG 66.2 Phon - 12AR - 6 - 12AR - VSG 66.2 Phon0,75551

AR = Argon

SANCO thermal insulation coating on item 3 with 2-layer insulating glass, on items 2 and 5 with 3-layer insulating glass.
Technical values were computed using glaCE. Ug-value according to DIN EN 673 for vertical installation determined.
For dimensional tolerances and production possibilities see SANCO Tolerance Manual and in consultation with the respective manufacturer.
Attention! By changing the glass thicknesses and interpane spaces, the technical values change.
Excerpt from the total production range, further models on request.

The technical data listed here conforms to the current values at the time of going to print and can alter without prior notice. The technical values are based on the suppliers’ information or were ascertained in the course of tests by an independent testing institution in accordance with the respectively valid standards. The function values are based only on test specimens in the dimensions provided for testing. No further guarantee for technical values shall be accepted, in particular if tests are performed in other installation situations or if subsequent measurements are obtained in the building. During installation, the current version of the SANCO glazing guidelines must be followed without fail. Date: 05/2019

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