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Glass annex, stairs, entrance area, parapets and railings, walk-on glass, French balcony

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Minimalism with maximum possibilities

Glass moves the viewer. New thinking, combinations with other materials and textures, playing with light and colours create new and stimulating effects. The interplay of warm and cold, hard and soft, separating and combining, makes glass a favourite in modern architecture. The durability and safety of glass, its versatility, its many options make an old building material a material with a future too. Glass brings light into the house, is resistant to stress and temperature fluctuations and always looks new, depending on the position of the light.

Perfect combination

  • Glass can be combined with many building materials and natural materials, it is timeless.
  • Longevity and insensitivity contribute to a sustainable increase in the value of the house.
  • Glass is easy to clean, therefore hygienic.
  • Constructive glass elements have been approved by the building authorities and can therefore be installed safely.
  • Glass is available in many colours and prints.

Special glass and designs

  • Entrance areas
  • Annexes
  • Railings, parapets, coloured balcony railings
  • Glass stairs, walk-on glass
  • Illuminated guidance systems
  • Glass doors
  • All-glass units, room dividers
  • Laser processed glass
  • Switchable glasses, heated glass
  • Canopies made of glass


Active and passive - but safe

Are glass types safe? Clear answer: Professionally processed and selected glass types are safe. They provide protection against injury and burglar resistance.


Laser processing

Coloured light effects in the glass and on the surface, functional inscriptions, almost insensitive to dirt or fingerprints.


Privacy or transparency!?

By applying an electrical voltage, the transparency of "switchable glass" is changed. Revolving doors, conservatories or folding walls can also be equipped accordingly.

Colours and prints

Flat prints, photorealistic images, high-gloss or velvet matt make every room a special area for living. They are durable and moisture resistant.

An exquisite appearance in the upscale living area or in high-quality exhibition, sales, practice, gastronomy or office environment is today no longer conceivable without sophisticated glass design.

Postmodern elements of the interior, echoes of loft architecture and workshop character can be transferred to other living and working environments through steel-glass design, floating glass stairs, switchable glass, glass sculptures, colour guides, lasered glass, walk-on glass surfaces and expressive colours.

Weightless elegance or a powerful brand appearance, whether in the facade or in the building; glass supports all concepts. Glass is low maintenance, easy to clean and durable. The limits of the application are determined by the client.

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