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Glass garden fences, privacy screens, balcony railings, carports, guidance systems, glass signs, patio enclosure

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Showpieces for quality of life

At the transition from the inside to the outside, additional places can be created for living and working that on the one hand signify nature and light, on the other hand represent visual and acoustic boundaries. Cultivated places made of and with glass. Colours, prints, satin finish and shapes emphasize the environment and accentuate the natural contrast. Glass design can be combined with structural components in multifunctional building parts for high security plus aesthetic appearance. Glass is suitable for everyday use and an increase in value for both private and commercial buildings.

Filigree and weatherproof

Outdoor facilities made of glass are "hail and storm-tested", withstanding cold winters and hot summers. Non-sensitive materials stand for longevity and are easy to care for. The fasteners are proven, and also tested and approved by the building inspectorate. Roofing, optical boundaries, markings, parapets - glass suits any style.

Outdoor glass applications

  • Fences
  • Coloured balcony parapets
  • Signs, guidance systems
  • Carports, roofing
  • Building entrances
  • Conservatories
  • Wind protection and privacy
  • Walkways
  • Terraces

Heatable glass

Invisible window heaters are integrated into the glass, taking up no space and leaving no footprint. The room-side glass surface is heated, creating a pleasant room climate.


French balcony

With floor-level windows, the transparent French balcony increases living comfort considerably. The fall-protection glazing combines transparency with security.

Active and passive - but safe

Are glass types safe? Clear answer: Professionally processed and selected glass types are safe. They provide protection against injury and burglar resistance.

Guidance Systems

Colours and prints on glass are being used more and more as signs, signposts and information boards. Whether in private as a house number, or in hospitals, schools, shopping malls, offices or surgeries.

Glass design does not end at the facade or window. Especially in the context of houses, at transitions from the inside to the outside, designed, printed and functional glass, plus glass with special textures and colours, plays an increasingly important role.

Glass marks areas, divides, separates, unites and sets boundaries. Glass floods with light or conceals from prying eyes. The high degree of safety, active and passive, nowadays allows virtually any application and use.

From a patio or glass walkway to a media facade in commercial applications. The limits of the application are determined by the client.

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