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SANCO light.control

Integrated blind system for light guidance, privacy and glare protection in the cavity between the panes of the insulating glass. Stepless regulation of the slats and pleats.

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Balance with natural light

Generous glazing no longer stops at the living room front, it also ensures the separation of bathrooms, work rooms, dining rooms and the outside world. A needs-based shading system in the insulating glass cavity and made of Venetian blinds or pleated fabric with different controls, large colour selection, and dimensions that are tailored to fit the home. Glare protection and privacy always at the "clean" level. Dust and dirt particles cannot tarnish the neat impression of the blinds.

Convincing features

  • Subtle appearance thanks to integration into the cavity between the panes
  • Very hygienic, since it is protected from soiling caused by the weather
  • Safe against manual damage and destruction
  • No maintenance
  • Barrier-free opening of balcony doors
  • Flexible glare and privacy protection with high daylight utilization
  • Targeted lighting control creates a pleasant living atmosphere
  • Variable use, regardless of the weather conditions
  • Ideal for exposed locations with high winds


For new or refurbished buildings

  • Sanitary facilities
  • Listed objects
  • Room dividers / partitions
  • Privacy
  • Computer workplace
  • Conservatory
  • Showers
  • Flower windows
  • Living room, eg. glare-free television

Colors for pleated fabrics

The thin aluminum coating regulates the lighting conditions. The outside of the fabric is always silver metallic.

Slat colours

SANCO light.control offers not only a choice between high-quality aluminum slats and fine fabrics, but also numerous colour variants.

A safe feeling at home

Different living situations require as much transparency as necessary and as much seclusion as possible. Rooms can be temporarily partitioned.

Clean and maintenance free

In the cavity between the insulating glass panes, the Venetian blind or pleated blind is protected and requires no care.


SANCO light.control - offers more than light and shade 


Sound insulation glass SANCO Phon

Targeted sound insulation, healthy rest. Our noisy world is making soundproofing ever more challenging. Glass solutions are required here that adjust individually to the respective noise source.  

Energy-saving insulating glass SANCO Plus

Increased living comfort, better insulation, lower energy costs. SANCO Plus, as a modern triple thermal insulation glass, offers higher living comfort near the windows due to reduced draught. Efficient thermal insulation also means lower energy costs.  

Safety insulating glass SANCO Safe

Improved property protection, more active and passive security

Glass opens up spaces that require targeted protection and discretion. Only the interplay of intimacy and openness in connection with security aspects make glass-heavy ideas into a perfect unit. These are the basic conditions for better living comfort. SANCO light.control offers more than light and shade. Functions such as increased thermal insulation, targeted sound insulation and increased security, can be combined with the improved lighting conditions and "tailored" to personal needs.

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