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Glass brings light into life • Safe at home • Energy-saving insulating glass: Focusing on people and the environment • Colour, design, tradition - Glass can be more

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We want you to remain unharmed - more safety at home thanks to glass.


Glass can offer safety: safety due to increased resistance to breakage and protection against the risk of injury in case of glass breakage, for example in glass canopies and in overhead, parapet and balcony glazing.

Built-in security

Burglar-resistant laminated safety glass is ideal for the protection of persons and valuables. It can be combined with alarm systems. And what about the house? Children playing, a sudden fall, a careless moment, and safety glass pays off. Glass inserts in furniture, patio doors, glass shelves - with little effort, more security can be achieved for the residents.

Effective protection

  • Toughened safety glass SANCO DUR (ESG), laminated safety glass SANCO Safe (VSG) and heat-strengthened glass (TVG)
  • To protect against burglary, bullets and damage to health and property
  • As a protection against glass breakage
  • For residual stability with glass breakage
  • Many possible combinations with functions such as thermal insulation, sound and solar control
  • Passive safety, eg. for doors, parapets, staircases ...
  • Active safety e.g. as attack-resistant glazing against thrown objects, penetration, bullets or falls

Safety is always there

  • Thrown-object, penetration and bullet resistance
  • Coloured and printed glass for exterior and interior design
  • Alarm device
  • Combination with sound insulation and thermal insulation
  • Glass canopies, entrance areas, vestibules
  • Glass doors, shower cabins 
  • Railings and parapets with fall protection
  • French balconies


Play it safe with glass

The right choice of glass increases the active and passive safety of the residents. Thrown objects and attempts at penetration are fended off; the risk of injury from splinters is eliminated.

Passive safety / glass breakage scenarios

Different safety requirements require special glass types. Normal glass breaks up into sharp glass shards. Toughened safety glass results in small chunks after breakage. VSG remains without any holes after damage.


Safe in your own home

Airier, lighter and nicer living environment with glass elements. The home will be safe with fall-protection glazing and glass furniture or doors made of safety glass.


Safe windows and balcony doors: the best protection against burglary

Burglar frequency: balcony / terrace 20%, ground floor 13%, roof windows 1%, cellar doors 25%, basement windows 11%, garden doors 13%, light wells 9%, entrance doors 2%


Glass as alarm

SSANCO alarm glass offers full-area protection without obtrusive wires in the field of vision. The slightest tampering triggers an alarm. Protect yourself from the loss of personal property and from vandalism.


More comfort and cosiness with energy-saving insulating glass: focusing on people and the environment.


In the cold winter months, too much heat is often lost through the window glass. That can now be a thing of the past.

Value increase by thermal insulation

Thanks to advanced technologies, modern thermal insulation glass drastically reduces heat loss and keeps the heat where it belongs - inside the room. The consequences: lower heating costs, noticeably greater comfort, especially near the windows. SANCO energy-saving insulating glass guarantees high colour neutrality and plenty of natural daylight in the room in addition to the good Ug value. The first choice when it comes to thermal insulation with glass.

The sun as a heat source

Energy saving with SANCO thermal insulation glass not only means 'locking in the room heat', it also means additional heat gain from incident sunlight. Due to the positive heat gain, one also speaks of a 'heat trap', which in consequence represents additional free heating. This leads to a positive energy balance in the window area, especially in winter and during the transitional period. SANCO triple energy-saving insulating glass is ideal for low-energy construction.

Saving energy works everywhere

  • New or refurbished buildings
  • Window and facade
  • Conservatory, loft, studio
  • Extension of the house - annexes
  • Easy to clean and maintenance free 
  • Colour neutral view 
  • Natural daylight in the house
  • High sustainability

Energy certificate

Since the introduction of the Energy Saving Ordinance EnEV, an energy certificate has to be issued for new buildings or for modified or extended buildings. This is done by certified experts.


Added value from warm glass surfaces

Orange areas: comfort zone at 60% glazing proportion

Iso double insulating glazing


Iso double with SANCO thermal insulation glass


Iso triple with SANCO thermal insulation glass

This is how triple insulating glass works

The double thermal insulation glass reflects the heat into the room. SANCO ACS optimizes the thermal insulation in the edge area of the window


If you say U, you must also say g

The heat loss can be read off from the U value. The lower it is, the better the thermal insulation properties. The g-value shows the solar gains. The higher the value, the more solar heat gets into the house.


Sound insulation, solar control, security, thermal insulation. Define your claims.


There are many talents hidden in glass. The basic requirement is always excellent thermal insulation.

The all-rounder in the window - glass lets light into life

On busy roads, near railroad tracks or flightpaths, ongoing noise can seriously affect wellbeing comfort in the home. The noise can't simply be switched off - but sound insulation insulating glass can reduce it so much that it is barely audible inside.

For large-area glazing that is south-facing or for conservatories, solar control insulating glass is required, because heat that does not enter the room does not heat it up. An elegant solution for light control is the insulating glass system SANCO CONTROL with blinds in the cavity between the panes. The classic break-in through glass surfaces is prevented or considerably impeded by safety glass. All protective functions of the glass can be combined as needed.

Glass can be more

  • Cosienss and comfort
  • Energy saving effect
  • Sun as an additional heat source
  • Noise protection reduces health strains
  • Generous glazing thanks to solar control
  • Active and passive safety
  • Burglar resistance and injury protection


Noise prevention with security

Noisy traffic, garden parties, passing trains, continuous noise from industrial plant. The list of noise sources is long. In the long term, quality of life is impaired. Soundproof glass takes the pain out of environmental noise.


4 seasons - 1 insulating glass

Thermal insulation in the cold season, solar control when it gets hot. And always a lot of natural daylight. SANCO Sun COMBI glass combines comfort and balanced temperature levels in spring, summer, autumn and winter.


Before the sun picks up speed

Solar control glass ensures pleasant temperatures in the house. It looks like normal window glass today. Unchecked transparency is maintained, natural daylight is transmitted.

Privacy and glare protection in the cavity between the panes 

In the summer, SANCO CONTROL provides a better room climate by heat shielding; in winter, the thermal insulation keeps the heat inside. Operation and care - child's play. Maintenance is not longer needed.


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