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Glass type Glass structure Ug value to DIN EN 673 Light- transmission Total energy transmittance to DIN EN 410 Light reflection outside Element thickness
    W/m²K LT % (±2) g value % (±2) LR % (±2) mm (approx.)
SANCO Sun Neutral 50 T 6-16AR-4 1,1 46 38 13 26
SANCO Sun Blue 50 T 6-16AR-4 1,1 44 36 21 26
SANCO Sun Blue 30 T 6-16AR-4 1,1 27 23 28 26
SANCO Sun Silver 20 T 6-16AR-4 1,1 19 17 29 26

SANCO Sun coating on item 2, SANCO Plus EN2 coating on item 3

AR = argon
Technical values computed with SILVERSTAR glaCE.
For dimensional tolerances and production possibilities see appropriate valid price list. Excerpt from the total production range, further models on request.




The technical data listed here conforms to the current values at the time of going to print and can alter without prior notice. The technical values are based on the suppliers' information or were ascertained in the course of tests by an independent testing institution in accordance with the respectively valid standards. The function values are based only on test specimens in the dimensions provided for testing. No further guarantee for technical values shall be accepted, in particular if tests are performed in other installation situations or if subsequent measurements are obtained in the building. During installation, the current version of the SANCO glazing guidelines must be followed without fail. SANCO is a trademark. Date: 07/2013