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SANCO at BAU 2023

At our joint appearance with Glas Trösch at BAU 2023 in Munich, our aim was to minimise waste from singleuse materials, reduce waste generation, and mitigate all environmentally harmful effects. The result was a booth adorned with abundant wood and greenery, providing ample space for showcasing sustainable glass solutions.

To meet the high demands of the exhibition concept, all structural elements of the booth were crafted from solid wood, either interlocking or screwed together. Real trees, later returned to a nursery, contributed to a unique and inviting ambience, evoking a Central Parklike atmosphere amid the bustling trade show. These ideal conditions allowed our staff to present new and established glass solutions with confidence. Besides two prominent showcases featuring exhibits and two glass-walled meeting rooms, practical handheld samples played a pivotal role in effectively explaining the benefits of our products. Despite the unconventional approach, we were able to showcase more glass than ever before.

Our bold exhibition concept and innovative product solutions were well-received, evident through the positive feedback from numerous participants during architect tours and guided visits by students from the Swiss metal construction technical school. Thanks to outstanding organisation and dedicated on-site efforts, we enjoyed a thoroughly successful trade show. We extend our gratitude to all contributors and eagerly look forward to the next BAU in two years.


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