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Annual general meeting in Amsterdam

Annual general meeting in Amsterdam This year, our annual general meeting took place in mid-May in Amsterdam. Around 110 representatives from our more than 60 member companies athered in the Dutch capital to share insights on the latest glass trends and current market developments.

As always, Dr Fabian Zwick, CEO of Glas Trösch, welcomed the attendees at the beginning of the meeting. He acknowledged good cooperation and reaffirmed his commitment to SANCO. Particularly during these challenging times, he saw leveraging the synergies within the group as a crucial aspect, and he also highlighted the achievements of our Ukrainian partner companies, which are producing essential glazing for destroyed buildings under extremely difficult conditions

Antonio Gioello, Head of SANCO Consulting, expressed his gratitude to the members for their trust and provided an outlook on the group’s strategic development. Subsequently, Denis Löhle, Technical Consulting employee at SANCO, presented the latest marketing updates, among them the introduction of a new intranet for internal communication, providing partner companies with up-to-date information for daily operations. While digitisation in external communication is being expanded, personal contact with members remains a key focus.

Sustainability is also a top priority for us. Partner companies benefit from the extensive activities of the licensor Glas Trösch, advancing its agenda for ever more efficient glass production through the ‘Green for Generations’ initiative We also prioritise educating architects and window manufacturers on the targeted selection of insulating glass based on façade orientation, known as ‘360 Degree Glazing,’ to further optimise building energy efficiency.

The next annual meeting is scheduled for May 2024 in Danzig, demonstrating solidarity with the Polish companies and their significant role within the group

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