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SANCO Group Expands – UniGlass Polska joins as new partner company

We announce a new member company: UniGlass Polska has joined the alliance as of June 2023, adding another manufacturer from Poland. With over 60 insulating glass producers from 14 countries, we strengthens our position as the largest group of its kind in Europe.

UniGlass Polska is a family-owned business located in Lomza, approximately 150 kilometres north-east of Warsaw. The company has been active in the market for over 23 years and offers a comprehensive range of products for façade and interior applications. Their high-quality products are sold throughout Poland and neighbouring countries, and the company employs around 200 people.

‘Being part of the SANCO Group is a significant gain for us,’ says Radosław Florczyk, owner and CEO of UniGlass Polska. SANCO provides targeted support in daily practices, such as certifications, test certificates, and marketing activities. Moreover, being part of a group with international reach is of great value to UniGlass Polska: ‘The opportunity to share expertise with other members of the SANCO Group, both in Poland and abroad, is highly important to us.’

Antonio Gioello, Head of SANCO Consulting, adds, ‘We are delighted to welcome a new addition to the SANCO family. UniGlass has demonstrated dynamic growth and excellent product quality over the years, making it a perfect fit for SANCO.’ In the fiercely competitive Polish market, the role of an alliance like ours holds great value, especially since there is no comparable organisation there. In addition to UniGlass, seven other medium-sized insulating glass manufacturers from Poland are part of the group.

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